Have you met Tilly? with Tilly the cow in red sunglasses on a red background
Portrait of Toft Founders
In 1900 , when Chris and Matilda Toft were just opening their barn doors as a new dairy farm, there was a cow who provided dependable and delicious milk to their very first customers. This adorable cow was named Tilly, after Matilda Toft. A cow statue remains in front of the Toft Dairy on Venice Rd. in honor of the first cow to ever produce Toft’s milk. Tilly is known as a symbol of wholesomeness and tradition, founding the Model of a black and white cow original recipe for the delicious milk we all love now, 5 generations later.
Tilly’s legacy is strong today! As Toft’s moooves through their second century, Tilly has become an endorsement of the “One Quality” philosophy. Toft’s commitment to each of their high-quality products includes working closely with our 13 local farms to ensure that everything we produce remains free from the synthetic growth hormone rBST. Our official promise of Toft’s quality is now displayed on our packaging as “Tilly Approved”, in honor of her.
circle badge of Tilly approved with picture of Tilly with red sunglasses
1.5 quart tub of Toft's Peanut Butter Tilly Tracks Ice Cream
You will also be able to find her as small, chocolate cow-shaped inclusions, filled with peanut butter, in our newly released and trademarked “Tilly Tracks™” ice cream flavors. Come find Tilly in her newly released flavors: Vanilla Tilly Tracks™, Chocolate Tilly Tracks™ and Peanut Butter Tilly Tracks™.